Birthdays and Fun:


Wedding Shower: Vanilla Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles and Almond Champagne Cupcakes

18th Birthday: Chocolate Cake with Ganche Center and Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Whip both Frosting in Buttercream.  Lemon Lemon and Salted Caramel Mini Cupcakes

1 Year Anniversary: Blackberry White Chocolate

In lieu of freezing your wedding cake and eating it a year later, Bookshelf Bakery offers to bake your same flavor as a small cake or 1 dozen cupcakes for your 1 Year Anniversary (For Wedding Clients Only)


Wedding:  Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Preserves and White Buttercream and Vanilla Cake with Caramel and White Buttercream


Baby Shower: Lavender Earl Grey, Chocolate Strawberry Minis, and Lemon Blueberry Minis


Baby Shower: Salted Caramel, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes with Gold Heart and White Pearl Sprinkles and Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Administrator Appreciation: Salted Caramel and Chocolate Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate/Frosting Viking Helmets

Wedding: Strawberry and Vanilla Tier Cake and Sheet Cakes with Strawberry and Vanilla Filling respectively WIth Vanilla Frosting.  Decorated with handmade Buttercream Flowers and Edible Lace


Wedding: Blackberry White Chocolate Cake/ Blackberry White Chocolate, Lemon Strawberry, Red Velvet with White Rose, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Vanilla with Pink Rose Cupcakes/ Vanilla Vanilla and Chocolate Vanilla both with Pink Roses Mini Cupcakes

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Lopez

Mother’s Day: Red Velvet – White Roses and Purple Hydrangeas and Salted Caramel – Orange Roses, Almond Champagne – Pink Roses, and Red Velvet – White Hydrangeas

Bridal Shower: Red Velvet – White Roses and Blue Hydrangeas


Birthday Party: Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chocolate, Chocolate, Coconut, Chocolate Strawberry, and Chocolate Raspberry.  Basket of Yellow Butter Cream with Vanilla Whip – Pink and Purple Rose and Pink Hydrangeas

20180420_174711 20180420_175145 IMG_20180421_133742_071

Baby Shower: Chocolate Buttercream with Ganache, Vanilla Vanilla, and Yellow Buttercream all with edible Blue Flower Clusters

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Bridal Shower: Chocolate Buttercream with Ganache 4″ and 6″ Cake and Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

IMG_20170812_134755_945 20170811_164812 20170812_112903

Wedding: Gluten Free Lemon Lemon, Gluten Free Carrot, and Gluten Free Chocolate Almond

20170701_151711-1 IMG_20170701_153847_726 20170701_150003 20170701_150251

Mother’s Day: Almond Champagne Roses and Chocolate Vanilla Hydrangeas


Wedding: Salted Caramel, Apple Honey-mon, Red Velvet, Starwberry Champagne, Gluten Free Red Velvet, and Vegan Chocolate Mocha

angieangie1angie7angie6angie5angie11 angie9photo by Tina Faintangie10photo by Tina Faint

Rehearsal Dinner Groom’s Cake: Cookies and Cream Beer Mug


Wedding: Chocolate Buttercream, Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Cream Cheese, and Vanilla Chocolate

15078604_1485034588192172_6880563757476623123_n15073309_1485034631525501_315500237727186992_n15055784_1485034694858828_1471265458821991420_n15078991_1485034674858830_6759294704038588384_n15036742_1485034654858832_4452968104760909455_n15073288_1485034758192155_7541983065356758862_n15027663_1485034784858819_3602363399255224857_n 15032848_1485034821525482_5820760235798611171_n

15167724_1492502320778732_3905632716967035013_ophoto by Jessica Smith Photography

Wedding: Pumpkin Cream Cheese, Caramel Apple, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Peach Wine, and Raspberry Wine

Screenshot_2017-02-08-02-43-44-1Photo by Kimberling Lyddane Photography LLC Screenshot_2017-02-08-02-43-53-1 Photo by Kimberling Lyddane Photography LLCScreenshot_2017-02-08-02-43-57-1Photo by Kimberling Lyddane Photography LLCimg_20161014_184720 img_20161015_201957 img_20161015_202120

Bridal Shower: Lemon Blueberry and Vanilla Vanilla


Wedding: Chocolate Pecan, Cherry, and Caramel Apple Pies


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Photos by: A Bit of Ivory Photography

Baby Shower: Strawberry Buttercream


Wedding: Vanilla Vanilla, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Red Velvet with Gumpaste Daisies

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Retirement Party: Vanilla Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Cookie Dough

Retirement2-29-163 Retirement2-29-162 Retirement2-29-161 Retirement2-29-16

“Scream” on the Green: Assortment

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Fourth of July AND Birthday: Chocolate Mint and Salted Caramel


1st Birthday: Chocolate and Vanilla Birthday


Baby Shower: Chocolate Orange and Cookie Dough


#onemosestwomoses Wedding: Salted Caramel, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, and Almond Champagne

20141108_200356 IMG_20141108_202437 IMG_20141108_202552 onemosestwomoses1 11069427_10100592025218587_5367567726868723089_n 11054494_10100592025103817_1681392263057313941_n 11054458_10100592025223577_2696954512202409465_n 11009852_10100592025243537_7018037310676305243_n 10570259_10100592025178667_3873055073559598081_n 1901445_10100592025562897_1438048572469172170_n 10441900_10100592025278467_3573343289097073697_n

The Potomac School: New Parent’s Dinner: Chocolate and Vanilla Butter Cream


Woodbridge Senior High School: Derby Day: Chocolate and Vanilla Butter Cream


Baby Shower: Vanilla Cream Cheese, Strawberry Lemon, and Chocolate Cookies and Cream

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1st Birthday: Lemon Strawberry and Chocolate Salted Caramel

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Gender Reveal: Vanilla with Blue Butter Cream and Chocolate with Pink Butter Cream

1618312_10100934249373897_2582052140068037178_o 20140508_145822 20140508_152511

Graduation Party: Strawberry Lemon, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet and Cookies and Cream

20140613_204515 20140613_205153 20140613_205222 20140613_205231 20140613_205239





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